Global health and climate change: A call to action.

Planetary health expert Howard Frumkin tells us that there isn’t a single global challenge that can be resolved within just one discipline. “If you’re not working outside of your disciplinary comfort zone most of the time, you’re not being brave enough”.

As a political scientist trying to get my head around earth science, I can understand what he means! If you aren’t a climate scientist, reading reports published by, say, the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change can be intimidating.

But if you want to be an inter-disciplinary scholar, and you need to be if you’re going to make sense of global warming, then you have to start somewhere. So I decided to give a lunchtime talk on global health and climate change. Here are the slides (I’ve included some text and links to key reports). I’d be very happy to give this talk again, if anyone is interested?


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